My First Post on Solar Panels and Green Energy

My name is Kevin Adams.  I became interested in Alternative Energy when I was in college.  I would tinker around (even though I am not that handy) with anything I come across.  One of my good friends also shares my passion for Solar Energy or Green Energy.  He actually works for a Solar Power company. 

Over the last couple of years we created several Home Made Solar Power Systems that worked ok.  We just struggled along the way until we found a couple of courses.  You can see our Reviews here:  These where a god send and helped us even save more money every month.  After we purchased them: I cut my energy costs at my house by 83%.  Now I save on average $63 per month.  My buddy cut his by almost 70% and saves $98 a month.  With little tweaks here and there we keep on increasing the efficiency or our systems and it is fun!

This was my first post.  I will post more tips and tricks on Do-It-Yourself Solar Panels frequently.  So please come back.  Also please feel free to post questions or comments on this blog.

Regards, Kevin

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