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How To Make A Solar Panel

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

If you are a motivated do-it-yourself-er like me then you should have no problem with making a solar panel.  I will take here mostly about the basic steps on how to make a solar panel so you can get started.  You can even make this into a business by undercutting all the expensive solar panel companies.

There is really no reason to purchase the large company solar panel system even if you are afraid of electricity.  You can still generate plenty of electricity  with your homemade solar power system.

Once you have a quality manual on how to hook all this together it should be a simple process of hooking all this stuff up.  The best one I found was at Power For Home but you can use anything you can find on the internet.  Most work ok.

This is what you will need:


Sheets of glass,

Roll of copper wire,

Photovoltaic cells (new, used or free)

Charge Controller (ebay) to protect your batteries

An Inverter (ebay)

All you need is the drive and a little direction to start the process of saving money, saving energy and saving the planet all at the same time.

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You can see my process here =>